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Green Dew Drop Wide wallpaper

Green Dew Drop Wide Different resolution wallpapers

Original Size:1680x1050. Your device resolution:

Standard resolutions of Green Dew Drop Wide for mobile device

Aspect RatioResolutions
Mobile VGA240x320320x240640x480480x640
Mobile WVGA240x400480x800400x240800x480
Mobile iPhone320x480480x320640x960960x640
Mobile iPad1024x768768x1024
Tablet iPad 21024x1024
Tablet Android1280x1280
Mobile PSP480x272
Other Mobile208x176280x220288x160345x240384x234400x240416x352480x234480x272800x480

Standard resolutions of Green Dew Drop Wide for TV and video applications

Aspect RatioResolutions

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